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Access control systems and traditional mechanical locks of the future market impact

Access control market break 5.2 billion scale
    At the beginning of the year, IHS expects the market for the electronic access control system to reach $ 3.5 billion in 2014, with the main driving force coming from emerging markets such as the United States and the Middle East and Africa. In the year, IHS expects global revenues for electromagnetic locks and electric shock locks to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.9% and 7.8%, respectively, from 2012 to 2017 (annual compound growth rate). In 2014, access control industry-related standards will be taken seriously, investors and suppliers for the implementation of standards and concerns will focus on changes in industry linked. In addition, standards such as NFC will continue to expand its influence, but its degree of adoption is not satisfactory.

Part of the hardware, most of the growth will be run independently by the machine, using a card or through the wireless online operation of the electronic lock to drive. As end users begin to trust and understand wireless technology, wireless will continue its strong growth. In addition, IT involved in the industry will also be a substantial increase in some cases, IT products will also be used to manage and control access control devices.

Access control market break 5.2 billion scale
According to the domestic mainstream access control manufacturers performance shows that the average operating income of the manufacturers increased by more than 45% to 50%, at the same time, the domestic access control card second-line brand marketing proportion of rapid growth, part of the second-tier brand enterprise sales breakthroughs in historical sales high. In the government of the large-scale infrastructure projects continue to expand investment and the rapid development of the industry market, the 2012 domestic access control system product sales market trend forecast reached 5.8 billion yuan, an annual growth of about 35%, in addition to access control in 2012 and related Supporting the scale of the industrial chain to further create a record high.

Since the "M1 crack incident", the domestic access control market gradually to rational development, a simple price competition is no longer subject to manufacturers attention, personalized solutions and products from quantity to quality change. Due to the development of the domestic market economy, security products industry demand trend is obvious, personalized professional solutions have become the manufacturers competing to play the highlights.

From the market demand, the national judicial 675 prison, 3200 detention centers, 350 labor camps of the huge market has become the focus of first-line brand favor; and rail transportation, petrochemical and other industries for the access control card demand; campus security Construction of the peak, mobile, telecommunications, China Unicom mobile phone access control card market to promote the campus card, corporate cards, public cards and other increasingly popular access control market demand will maintain an average annual growth rate of 30% to 35%.

In line with the current announcement of the domestic 11 listed security company's performance report, coupled with the past three years, the impact of domestic residential purchase policy, investment-type business intelligence building will continue to be a hot spot. On the other hand in the security monitoring of the high-definition market driven by factories and mines, banks and other areas of market demand growth, while promoting access control industry and anti-theft alarm system, video surveillance system and the security system "three pillars."

Electronic access 2017 years ago or beyond the mechanical lock market
Access control systems are becoming more and more popular because they provide time management and building automation system integration while providing a higher level of security. The main obstacle to the growth of electronic access control is the higher upfront costs, and long-term benefits benefit from reduced costs associated with re-budgeting and mechanical cylinders. While the trend of access control solutions is driving the popularity of electric locks, they do not completely replace mechanical locks. IHS expects that most applications still need a mechanical lock to cover in the event of a power failure or a system error, and that access control is the only limitation of the mechanical solution in the medium term and is not necessarily replaced.

Electronic access 2017 years ago or beyond the mechanical lock market
In the popularity of electric locks, electromagnetic locks and electric shock lock access control system are the most commonly used electric lock device. Traditionally, electromagnetic locks have been standard solutions, but the more mature markets such as the US and Western Europe have begun to use the most advanced electric shock lock. Electric shock lock more secure, beautiful, pleasing, and more energy than the electromagnetic lock is expected in 2012 to 2017 in Asia outside the region will have a strong growth. This is due to the Chinese market preference for the use of electromagnetic locks over electric shock lock. Electromagnetic locks are easier to manufacture, more affordable and easier to install so that they are more competitive in the Chinese market.

The power lock solution trend not only affects the mechanical lock. Globally, according to IHS estimates that the 2012 standard machinery and equipment exports accounted for 70.8% of all export equipment revenue, is expected to 2017 will drop to 69.8%, due to the increasing use of electrification decoration and electric lock retraction Device. According to the nine building materials network to understand the realization of the electric lock device as a means of security solutions usually in order to fulfill a complete access control system installed on the exit of the electric escape device.

Access control technology to become the core of security systems
Access control system as a traditional access control management system, as early as beyond the concept of a simple access control system, and gradually to the card system and the direction of large-scale network management system development. In the security system, the access control system can locate the identity information of the access personnel in real time and accurately, and reduce the system storage resources and the fast processing data demand in the system application and get timely feedback; the attendance management extending from the access control system Management, information management, information management, information management, consumption management system, lighting, energy management, information dissemination, atmospheric monitoring, asset management and vehicle management, etc., to increase the number of applications such as energy management, information management, The access control system of added value and technical content, at the same time with the video surveillance system and intrusion alarm system composed of three-dimensional security system, so the application of access control system has become the core of security systems.

And the integration of the access control system of large systems integration networking and intelligent Internet of things applications, and then to the cloud access control applications, mobile phone card RFID and SIM and NFC and other means of payment integration also greatly increased the application of the access control system, so now Access control system has gone beyond the era of selling hardware alone, and gradually to the software system and hardware systems combined with multi-system application changes, toward the overall direction of the solution development.

Access control industry to today, from a simple access control into the intelligent, humane, three-dimensional security, large-scale system of cloud security systems and cross-regional networking system to change the direction. From the country for the wisdom of the city's construction support, to fully explain the future development of access control system application direction. But also will be derived from more new applications and industry applications, large system networking data for the unified and centralized analysis and processing capacity needs and national security management needs, will greatly promote the access control industry to some new industry applications for development.
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