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How does the open community security do?

February 21, after a lapse of 37 years to restart the central city work conference supporting documents "the CPC Central Committee and State Council on the further strengthening of urban planning and construction of a number of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as opinions) issued, the document clearly "thirteen" and even China 's urban development in a longer time. The hotspot of the document is to clarify the new residential areas to promote the district system, the implementation of "open area."
"Opinions" after the release, caused widespread public concern and discussion, also produced a variety of interpretations.
Housing and Urban-Rural Development
February 24 housing and urban and rural construction, especially said that to correctly understand the gradual opening of the closed area and the unit compound, not "one size fits all", nor "bohemian", but can not simply understand the "demolition of the wall" The
"Opinions" on the work of the direction of the guidance of the requirements, the specific implementation but also specify the rules, especially the provinces, the city but also according to the actual situation, specify the specific approach. In the process of designation, we must listen to the views of the public. In short, to implement the gradual opening of the closed area and the unit compound of the city, will take into account the actual situation, taking into account the various interests, according to the law according to the various interests and residents of the demands, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of residents The
Zhejiang Provincial Department of Construction Chief Planning Officer Gu Hao
Zhejiang Provincial Department of Construction Chief Planner Gu Hao in an interview with the first time on the "open community" revealed his views.
Gu Hao said: "The proposed" open principle "or mainly for the larger district. Small footprint, less residential area, may not" gradually open "range.In addition, the proposed" In principle, no longer building a closed residential area ", from a professional point of view, refers to the larger scale of the district, such as more than 90,000 square meters of the district, we must gradually open the channel, the internal road for urban traffic, the district Green, park let community share.
Prof. Wu Zhiqiang, Chief Planner of Shanghai World Expo
Professor Wu Zhiqiang, the chief planner of the Shanghai World Expo, also said that the "closed residential area" mentioned in the document does not refer to all the urban communities, but to the "super-unit compound" and "super large District "or" large real estate ".
For the existing 90% of the "small" district, the existing community walls are not demolished, and for large communities, but also through the large-scale community segmentation, in the division of the group after the wall and Security facilities, to meet the policy requirements, the community residents of the safety and privacy will not have the slightest impact.
As early as 2003 Shanghai security technical documents compiled on the residential district security system put forward the system requirements: Rule 4.1.1 said that the residential district should be set perimeter alarm system, TV monitoring system, building intercom system, household burglar alarm system (Emergency alarm or help device), electronic patrol system, and security control system center control room. Speaking of residential quarters, fences, rivers and other closed barriers should be installed perimeter alarm system.
GBT21741-2008 residential area security system common technical requirements are also required in 5.1.2: residential system design should be consistent with the anti-personnel, anti-material, anti-technology combined with the principle of civil air defense is to strengthen the district property security team construction and management ; The focus of the defense is to strengthen the perimeter walls or fences, stairs and household security doors and other entities of the protection; in 5.3.1 and further require the residential community should be set up around the wall, fences and other barriers for closed protection. Fence, fence height of not less than 1.8 meters, the fence of the vertical bar spacing should not be greater than 15cm. Barrier should not be easy to cross.
It can be seen, the district walls and fences for residential security is very important. According to the above analysis, the district reform should focus on large-scale community.
Closed large-scale community
Careful study of a large community perimeter to prevent a typical solution, you can understand the traditional large-scale residential peripherals with fences and fences as the first line of defense, a good protection of the district's security, but this area is too large, take up a lot Of the land resources, the traffic line may be affected, in addition, with the outside of the circulation business has been blocked, the resources are not rational use.
Large-scale residential transformation
In view of the problem of large-scale closed-end district, with reference to the above expert opinion, we can propose a large-scale community transformation program: the wall removed, composed of more small communities, both for the city to provide more public space, improve the city's transport network, Urban land resources are scarce, but also to protect the safety of residents.
Most importantly, after the transformation of large-scale community, the community's security precautions not only did not diminish the slightest, small-scale community, centralized management of the perimeter solution but to a greater extent to strengthen the community's security. The next figure is the extension of the district design for the centralized management of the perimeter solution.
When large communities are separated, different security measures can be used depending on the nature of the different communities.
Residential community, can be used pulse electronic fence, pulse electronic fence itself with a high voltage pulse power, can play a deterrent, blocking and alarm triple role, can be very good to prevent foreign personnel invasion;
Activities center, kindergarten, activity center more people, there will be a lot of parents with children, and kindergarten children are more suitable for both the use of tension electronic fence as perimeter guard, tension line is not charged, will not hurt or Frightened to touch the child, but once the foreign personnel touch, will lead to changes in tension line force, causing the alarm;
After the transformation of the district, more flexible design more in line with the sub-community security and environmental needs of the solution. After the transformation of large-scale transformation of the district, security measures not only did not weaken the slightest, and many sub-community different types of perimeter security module can do centralized management network, through the central management platform unified deployment, the formation of a complete perimeter prevention system, And public property security to provide a more comprehensive security.
Fully open large-scale community
Full open area is the walls of all the demolition, the district no longer have fences and fences. This will be a series of problems: business district residential area regardless of people flow, traffic increases, serious noise pollution, personnel complexity, theft of increased crime problems, parking problems more prominent, residential property companies difficult to survive ... ...
This made a serious test of security, security should be how to deal with it?
1. District parking lot management needs increased, the district need to add parking platform to meet the needs of more social vehicles parking, a number of residential parking lot after the integration of the "cloud parking lot" will drive the block and even urban parking cloud platform construction.
2. District monitoring and construction will be integrated into the construction of safe city, residential monitoring platform and the upper community security platform networking needs increased. Community personnel access becomes more complex, the original guest system will no longer use, based on face recognition, cloud storage of large data technology will enter the district.
3. Community physical perimeter disappeared, then the associated, first disappeared with the entrance is the formation of the first barrier, fence and fence protection will disappear. So that district security measures greatly reduced. Community physical perimeter disappeared, will enable people to enhance the security needs of individual residential, smart home, home burglar alarm system will enter the tens of thousands of households. Most manufacturers are taking this opportunity to promote the transformation and popularization of the concept of home security in the civilian market.
In short, the advantages and disadvantages of open community coexistence, the landing certainly need to have specific implementation details and combined with the situation of the region to make reasonable and effective prevention requirements.
According to statistics, by crossing the wall of the case of burglary case accounted for more than half of the total number of burglary cases. After installing the perimeter alarm system, the overturned theft rate is greatly reduced. Perimeter alarm system as the first line of defense security, of great significance.
"Open area" if only a small community of small, perimeter or the existence of traffic congestion and other road problems can be alleviated; if the district is completely open, no longer a wall, this situation has never been before, the residents Security is the urgent need to address the main problem, which made an urgent request for security.
Open space will be in what form of landing to wait for more rules and regulations introduced, but no matter what mode to open the floor, the overall security for the district is a great challenge.
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