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AI technology into the focus of security giant how to adjust the investment strategy?

Artificial intelligence wave, the security should go from here?
27 days held in Shenzhen 2016 China (Shenzhen) IT Leaders Summit, by the players Li Shishi and artificial intelligence AlphaGo "man-machine war" discussion is still continuing, the relevant topic to become the IT sector "big coffee" to talk about focus. From the government officials, academicians, and then to the entrepreneur representatives, artificial intelligence is always China (Shenzhen) IT Leaders Summit IT session "big coffee" who talk about hot spots.
"Artificial intelligence, that is, the wisdom of human computers, which is the long-term pursuit of human society." Ministry of Industry and party members, vice minister Huaijin Peng said that some time ago with Li Shishi and AlphaGo "man-machine war" ended, with artificial intelligence As a representative of the new application technology, is promoting a new technology across and integration.
"In fact, we have done a few years ago, artificial robot robot path planning, but then experienced some low." German University of Hamburg Department of Informatics Professor Zhang Jianwei said that in the current large data, all things interconnection, computing performance significantly increased background , We can say "ushered in the spring of artificial intelligence applications."
"We now think it is amazing, and even had a certain fear." Baidu CEO Robin Li said with a smile, artificial intelligence is "wolf skin sheep."
"Artificial intelligence is very useful and can be used by people. Technology will continue to replace a variety of things, such as artificial intelligence first alternative work may be translated." Li Yanhong that "on the one hand it will give people To bring a certain threat, on the other hand it also continue to bring benefits to people, perhaps with the shared economy of this model, can make people the most direct from the progress of technology to benefit.
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