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Access control classification

According to the way of identification can be divided into:
● Password recognition
● Card identification
● Biometrics

Password recognition
Identify incoming and outgoing rights by verifying that the input password is correct.
This type of product is divided into two categories: one is the ordinary type, one is out of order keyboard type (keyboard number is not fixed, from time to time automatically change).
normal type:
Advantages: easy to operate, no need to carry the card; low cost.
Disadvantages: easy to leak, poor security; no entry and exit records; only one-way control. The keys are easy to damage and fail.
Out of order keyboard type (the number on the keyboard is not fixed, from time to time automatically change):
Advantages: easy to operate, no need to carry the card, the safety factor is slightly higher
Disadvantages: password is easy to leak, security is not high; no entry and exit records; only one-way control. high cost. The keys are easy to damage and fail.

Card identification

Through the card or card reader password to identify access permissions, according to the type of card is divided into:
· Magnetic card
Advantages: low cost; one person a card (+ password), security in general, can be connected to the computer,
Disadvantages: cards, equipment wear, shorter life; easy to copy the card; easy to two-way control. Card information is easily lost due to external magnetic field, so that the card is invalid.
RF card
Advantages: card, equipment, no contact, open the door to facilitate security; long life, theoretical data at least ten years; high security, can be connected to the computer, a door record; can achieve two-way control.
Disadvantages: high cost, ID / IC card has been cracked off, the safety factor is reduced. [1] 
Through the identification of personnel, such as biological characteristics to identify the way out. Fingerprint, finger vein, iris type, facial recognition type.
Advantages: from the perspective of identification of excellent security; no need to carry the card
Disadvantages: high cost (Such as fingerprints can not be scratched, the eye can not be red and bleeding, the face can not hurt, or how much beard), the use of inconvenient (such as iris type and face recognition), the use of inconvenient (such as iris type and face recognition Type, the installation height of the location must be, but the user's height is different)
It is noteworthy that most people think that biometric access control system is safe, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, access control system security is not only the way to identify the security, but also part of the control system security, software system security, communication system security, Power system security The whole system is a whole, which side, but the whole system is not safe. For example, some fingerprint access control system, its controller and fingerprint reader is one of the installation to be installed in the outdoors, so as to control the lock switch line exposed to the outside, it is easy to be opened.

By way of communication
● Offline type
● RS485 network type
● TCP / IP network type

Off-type: that is, stand-alone control access, is a machine management of a door, can not use computer software to control, can not see the record, directly through the controller to control. Features are cheap, easy installation and maintenance, can not view the records, not suitable for more than 50 or the frequent flow of personnel (refers to the frequent entry and leave) where the door is not suitable for more than 5 projects.
485 network type: that is, can communicate with the computer access control type, directly using the software to manage, including card and event control. So there is management convenience, centralized control, you can view the records, the record analysis for other purposes. Is the price is relatively high, installation and maintenance do increase, but the training is simple, you can attend and other value-added services. Suitable for many people, mobility, the door of the project.
TCP / IP network type: also called Ethernet network access control, but also can access the network access control system, but through the network cable to the computer and the controller network. In addition to the full benefits of 485 access control network, but also has a faster, easier to install, a larger number of networking, cross-regional or cross-city network. But there is a high price of equipment, the need for computer network knowledge. Suitable for installation in large projects, the number of people, the speed requirements, cross-regional projects.
The first appeared in the network of access control in the nineties of last century. With the wide range of access control systems, people's access to the access control system is no longer limited to a single import and export control, but requires its access control, attendance management, building automation and other control functions, and the integration of the system And remote control functions have a very clear requirements. However, the traditional access control based on RS485 communication, transmission distance and the number of nodes are limited, can not achieve remote control and intelligent management. Based on the Ethernet transmission mode of network access control came into being, it not only solved the long-distance transmission problems, in the management, but also to make more servers, workstations to become possible, so as to provide customers with multi-level, multi-module access management.
Adapt to changes in application requirements, many access control companies have launched network access control products. The so-called network access control is based on TCP / IP protocol for data transmission access control system, the control center server and front-end controller are using network structure, the management system between the servers and workstations (PC) also through the network data transmission The
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